Three characteristics of buying a torso doll.

Low price
If you decide to buy a full-size doll, then you must save some extra money for its maintenance. but why? Are they also partial sex dolls? Indeed, but it might be said that they are partial sex dolls. These dolls are a simpler creation without any complicated design elements.

Suitable for people with foot fetish
We ask you directly, are you a man with feet? Do you like to have sex too? If your answer is a synonym for “yes”, then the lower body sex doll will serve you perfectly. You don’t have to buy a whole sex half-length sex doll that likes its own juice, because it is specially designed for those with more legs.

Hold soon
The biggest problem that must be solved occasionally. However, the lower body of the sex doll does not exist. Need space to participate in activities. If you have Sydney in your closet, it can be an effective lower body doll space. Is it convenient for you?