Customized dolls

We provide the best customized dolls. The user can choose from a variety of options, such as sex doll heads, wigs, eyes, skin color, and so on. Most options are free, and some options will charge a small fee, such as standing feet options, pubic hair, voice and heating systems. Other characteristic categories that you may be interested in: big breast sex dolls, big ass sex dolls, mini sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, medium sex dolls, tall sex dolls, big ass sex dolls.

Use the following steps to customize your exclusive sex doll:

1. Choose the body type. You can choose the height from 140cm to 170cm, and the cup from A cup to E cup. Please refer to the figure below for reference.

esdoll custom sex doll height

2. Choose the skin tone and eye color that suits your sex doll
There are 4 skin tones of white, yellow, black, and wheat for your choice.

custom sex doll skin color

3. Optional doll head

custom sex doll heads

4. Choose a sex doll wig
Different dolls are suitable for different hairstyles, please choose the right wig for your doll.

sex doll wig style color

5. Choose eye color:

esdoll sex doll eyes color

6. Customized sex doll vaginal pubic hair or no pubic hair:

sex doll pubic style

7. Choose built-in vagina or inserted vagina

Vagina insert built in 1

8. Choose whether the sex doll is standing or not standing:

custom sex doll stand up

9. Advanced functions: Customized smart sex doll voice, body heating system and jitter function

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