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How Sex Dolls Are Made?

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How Sex Dolls Are Made? 1

More and more people choose to buy their own sex dolls to satisfy their sex needs whether they are single, married, or what. Whether you used it or not, you may wanna know how to make a sex doll.

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There are a lot of silica gel sex dolls on the market, but whether they are made with human body silica gel, we need to make a big question. In order to ensure the safety of the love doll, we can actually DIY our own dolls. There are many dolls are made in a cheap but not safe way. So we need to ensure the safety of our products before buying.

Robert Benson, a photographer, while roaming in Japan, found interest in the sex doll making factories and decided to document the whole thing. Let’s see what he said: “I was surprised to find out that the nation’s largest ‘love doll’ factory was right in my own neighborhood, near San Diego, California.”

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“All the bodies and body parts were very lifelike, eerily so, but at the same time it was a marvel to me at how lifelike the artists there can make the body parts,” he told Gizmodo.

The making job is great. They can customize all kinds of dolls according to customers’ needs.

Two-dimensional simulation person anime beauty doll | Sex Doll realistic Love Doll  with Skeleton  Lifelike 110cm - BULULU-SHOP
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Almost all parts from sex dolls can be customized according to your needs, like skin tone, wig style, skin stone, etc,.

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